HTB: Traceback Writeup

I am going to write my exploration with Traceback machine.

This is my first machine in Hack The Box (HTB).
As usual, if we are given an IP address, we need to do port scanning to ensure the open-to-public port.

nmap -sC -sV

Port 22 and 80 are open.

Port Scanning

Let’s open via browser.

Browser’s View

I think there is a backdoor inside.
Let’s check the source code.

A clue…

Inspect Element

Let’s take attention on commented lines.
“Some of the best web shells that you might need”

Searching from Google

If you are going to search it from Xh4H, it will redirect you to the top one, because Xh4H fork it from the top one.

Web-Shells repository

So many versions of shells here. You can try to predict if one of them exist on the machine ( Let’s use brute-force directory.

gobuster -w list-shell.txt --url
Brute-force directory

smevk.php existed, next take a look on smevk.php file.


Go to
Username:Password = admin:admin
We are in.

smevk backdoor interface

To make you can ssh, you need to transfer your public key inside the machine. Copy your public key and store it in /home/webadmin/.ssh/. Why not /home/sysadmin/.ssh too? Because you can’t go there. Let’s escalate from the thing that you can.

public key

Welcome, you already inside machine as webadmin.

ssh to machine

Let’s see files inside directory.
There is a “note.txt”.

clue again, note.txt

Hmm, seems not good with this clue.

what is lua

Let’s check the syntax that can be executed by webadmin.

sudo -l
Result sudo -l

Then try to go as sysadmin.
But before go there, we need to try to understand “lua” and “luvit”.

Lua is programming language, and luvit is one of lua code implementation.
Let’s check the shell of lua on GTFOBins.

From GTFOBins, you can try this exploit.

lua -e 'os.execute("/bin/sh")'

Ok, let’s try it as input for changing account to sysadmin

sudo -u sysadmin /home/sysadmin/luvit

different between /bin/sh and /bin/bash

As i know, /bin/sh is better used on macOS, and /bin/bash on linux.

Ok, we owned user flag.

Let’s go to root.

When we are going to ssh, you can see that we have custom header. I reference you to this web, just for knowing the location of the welcoming file. It’s located in /etc/update-motd.d.

echo "id" >> /etc/update-motd.d/00-header

Let’s try to ssh again to webadmin (open new terminal).

ssh as webadmin

Wow, it’s running as root.
I try to know what is inside root directory.

echo "ls /root" >> 00-header 
root directory

There is single file, root.txt.
We just need to cat the file now by using file 00-header.

root flag

We owned the root flag.

Traceback Machine already been owned.

I’ll post this after the machine was expired.
Please inform me if the writeup was exposed by (someone).

Written on June 07th, 2020.

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