How BBLV became a winner (Alibaba AI Global Challenge)

BBLV is our team’s name.
BBLV is acronym of our name, Bima Boy Louis Vincent!
Yes, in this team we are consist of 4 people. This is our profile!

Profile of BBLV team

We are seeing competition about Artificial Intelligence, feeling interested and deciding to join this competition.

First meet, we are going to explore idea. We list several idea, choose one by voting and cross out the others. ServeU, empowering hospitality businesses with technology to increase productivity!

ServeU Icon

Then we scale our mind and find the suit usecases and technologies.

We are trying to make every step able to be monitored and able to be measured.

BBLV Architecture

Our architecture seems quite complex and stream down. RASA will be used as our assistant to serve user. To improve the solution which given by RASA, we will train our model by using Alibaba PAI and stored the model into Alibaba Object Storage Service.
Another tools that we use is Alibaba RDS Database to store data and Tableau will be used to visualize data for Business Industry needs.

Finally, we submit our idea and follow the schedule.

First round, we finally did it and enter final round!

We don’t expect anything and just do our best!

First time i see it, i don’t believe it.
and then, my partner sends the final decision link.

Finally, we congratulate each other in our group!

This is short story, i think it will be presented soon by our team.

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